Moo-Tels, Goat Kids and Marinated Cheese at Edgwick Farm

Milking time! Edgwick Farm's goats line up for their evening milking.
Over the past few months we’ve been so busy planning our own adventure that we haven’t had the time to sneak away for any farm visits. Fortunately, last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit Dan and Talitha at Edgwick Farm about an hour north of NYC. Dan and Talitha worked through the farm start-up process for the past five years and are now producing some fantastic goat’s milk cheeses out of a beautiful new micro-creamery. We were lucky enough to join them for a full day of milking, feeding and cheesemaking.
Edgwick Farm's friendly and beautiful girls happily munching away on the milking stand.
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A Tale of Two Creameries - Part Two - Taylor Farm

Jon's got a great team out at Taylor Farm, thanks for the hospitality everyone!
You know you’re in VT when you show up at a small farm, immediately meet the farmer’s sister, get whisked into the family’s kitchen, across the dining room and onto the couch next to the fire. That’s exactly what happened to me at Taylor Farm. While Sweetbreads was absorbing Peter Dixon's cheese knowledge a few miles up the road, I was hanging out at Taylor Farm on the couch with owner Jon Wright. Pretty sweet. I’m kind of digging this “farm research” lifestyle.  
We first met Jon Wright while we were volunteering at the VT Cheesemakers Festival
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A Tale of Two Creameries - Part One - Grafton Village Cheese

Grafton Village Creamery and Storefront

Weekend of Cheese

We’re up in Vermont for a three-day, cheese-filled weekend, who could ask for more?

Sweetbreads is attending a cheesemaking workshop with Peter Dixon, the man behind Consider Bardwell's glorious cheeses, and consultant to many others. Saturday through Monday, Sweetbreads' sessions are 9am to 4pm, and about an hour and half from where her Mom lives, so that means I end up spending a fair amount of time in the parking lot writing blog posts and catching up on stuff. It also means I have plenty of time to visit local creameries. I don't know who got the better end of the stick, but it's all about cheese and we're loving it.

On Saturday I visited Grafton Village Cheese (Part One) and Sunday I headed over to Taylor Farm (soon to be Part Two). Vermont cheesemakers in general are a really kind and supportive group of people and we’ve been fortunate enough to visit a number of different creameries in the area. We love VT. It's such a fantastic community for local farmers and artisans of all kinds, hopefully it's something that will be replicated throughout the country.

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