Farmstead Goodies - almost ready to share

For the past few weeks I've been holing up with my pencil, camera, and computer. I appear at milking and mealtimes, mumbling something half coherent about "the store" before scurrying back to the living room, where drawings, photos, mock-ups, and all sorts of artsy and craftsy things are sprawled everywhere. 

Every other day, for a little over four weeks now, I excitedly gush, "Guess what?! I think I'll be able to finish tomorrow!" Maybe you've been there before? Well, I said the same thing today and I'm now realizing that it might actually happen this time. Woooooo hoo! 

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Postcards from Little Seed - 10.13.12

We've been building a hoop house for hay storage this winter. It's almost finished - we'll be starting on the end walls today!

We were excited to break into one of our 2 week ashed bloomy rind cheeses last week. It was delicious and we can't wait to try them again at 3 weeks! The flavor has amazing depth thanks to the raw milk from our pastured herd. Can't buy cheese like this in the states!

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Postcards from Little Seed - 9.20.12

Always many treasures to be found in the "red barn" (aka dilapidated shack).
Yesterday was sunny with a high of 70F - the goats loved it! Cooler temps mean happy goats out in the sun chomping on pasture all day.

So many of the plants on our farm suffered and almost died in the drought. The hydrangeas had started to bloom right before the 110F days hit... They fried and turned into sad little wispy brown crisps and I was sure they were done for... But they came back! I love how they look as if they could be made from porcelain, or marzipan...

Bridget and Willow, livin' and lovin' every day :)

This is just a glimpse of what we were up against in our bramble battle yesterday. The goats uncovered a massive dump pile under what looked like a bramble hill and now the work has begun in earnest to haul the junk out. The "junk" we've found has been everything from gates, telephone poles (with electrical boxes attached), a wagon, a roof, T-posts, fencing... And I'm sure, much much more. Yikes!

Some wild morning glory vines found their way in and up our rose bushes! ... A reminder that no matter what kind of thorny mess life throws your way, you've got to keep pushing through. There's light and beauty to be had on the other side, if you're willing to suffer a few scratches to get there.