Bridget and Willow - The Story We Forgot To Tell

When we first took Willow in and I started bottle feeding her, I became the closest thing she had to a mother. I took that responsibility seriously and did the best I could to give her the care she needed to recover and thrive, but couldn't help but be very aware of the fact that I wasn't a goat. I wouldn't be able to teach her how to forage, show her what to eat and the right time to eat it, or teach by example, the plants to avoid eating at all costs. I wouldn't be able to nurse her and know instinctively when she'd had enough. I wouldn't be able to support her while she learned the ins and outs of the social hierarchy of our goat herd. I wouldn't be able to assure she'd ever be accepted by them. These are all things that a dam or mother goat will do for her young, and I wished I could somehow do for Willow. While wishing didn't turn me into a goat, it did seem to turn a certain goat of ours into a mother. To our amazement, Bridget has taken over that role for Willow and watching their relationship evolve over this past month has touched us deeply. I realized, while talking about it with Scrapple's Dad last week, that we hadn't shared much of their story with you. Actually - I haven't shared much at all (postcards don't count) in the past weeks! A good long update has been way overdue. This seemed like a good place to start.

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Willow Update and Video

As you'll see in the video, Willow is tearing it up! Even though she's still pretty gimpy and is weaker in her right hind leg and left front, she's getting stronger every day and LOVES to run and jump around. Just check out the tail wagging! Her left eye has almost cleared up and when the vet was here this week he said she's well on her way to a full recovery. Nerve damage can take a while to heal, but she's making great strides and hopefully in just a month or two we can start letting her out with the herd. Already she's been interacting with them daily and seems to be realizing that she is a goat and not a pup like her best friend Ginger.  Watch her go! (Mom, I know you hate The Boss, but I couldn't help myself with this one.)

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