Making A Cheeseboard Out of Salvaged Wood

Original Cheeseboard Condition (Wiped Clean of Dirt, Bugs, etc)
One man's trash is another man's cheeseboard.
In our household I’m notorious for a few things, one of which is bringing home stuff I find on the street. Among many other things, we’ve salvaged a couch-side table, a TV stand, a bookshelf, a shoe rack, porcelain plates and now a new cheeseboard! Well, new to us at least. The best part of this story is that it all happened two days before Sweetbreads’ birthday (which is today, happy birthday darling, I love you!).

Saturday morning I was in a classic guy situation: two days pre-birthday, no concept of what to get her and hoping for a miracle to happen. At 8am on my walk to the farmer’s market such a miracle did happen. Strolling down the street I saw what appeared to be a nasty, old, rotted out piece of wood on the ground. However, I’m always on the prowl for new stuff, especially when I’m alone, and this particular piece of wood caught my attention. Despite it’s seemingly useless condition a few things struck me as odd.
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