First Birth on the Farm - Janis' Calf (A Heifer, We Think)

As I was stringing up some new fencing for the cow's new paddock I peered into the trees and saw a little head poke out. I was pretty far away, so I thought it might just be Corrina's nose. Then I saw it stand up and do a gangly little walk out into the sunlight. What!? Is that a baby calf!? It was a bit surreal.

Sure enough Janis had her baby, just as expected, exactly 11 months after her last calf. That means she was bred about 45 days afterward. 

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Little Janis On the Way

Janis and Corrina, enjoying some morning grazing

When we first moved in our rickety old well-house had some busted up electrical sockets and all kinds of stuff would spark and certain sockets wouldn't work and others wouldn't stop working. So I had in my mind that I would fix them. Upon further introspection and open encouragement from Sweetbreads we decided to call an electrician.

Just so happens there was one right up the road. He came over and in about 15 minutes had the well house working like new and I learned a thing or two. It also turned out that he raises Highland Cattle. 

A month or two after his visit we got the urge for some Highlands and I gave our electrician a call. Sure enough, he was more than willing to sell a few. You see, we're about 12 inches behind our normal 28 inches of rainfall. That's almost a 50% departure from normal. No one has grass for cows right now. He was happy to unload whatever we wanted.

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