The Importance of Old Farm Blogs and Why I’m Sad A Favorite is Missing

As would-be farmers we love to read other farmer’s blogs. Not only is it a great way for us to learn through other people’s experiences (for free), but it also goes a long way in helping us visualize our future. We may not agree with everything (or anything) certain farmers do, but learning what we agree with and disagree with is all part of the process. We’re starting with a clean slate, so it pays to see, assess and digest as much of everything as possible.

So when a week or so ago I realized that Nature’s Harmony Farm’s blog was removed from their website I was sad to see it gone. It was one of the first blogs we started reading along our journey, so it held a special place. As we’ve written about before, we even went down to visit Tim and Liz. (To be clear, this was not an active blog that one day just went missing. Nature’s Harmony stopped updating and maintaining the actual blog a long time ago and switched to doing podcasts, which they still host on a regular basis.)

Tim Young and Nature's Harmony's heritage turkeys

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