Farm To-Do!

Talk to state Vet about bringing animals in from out of state - DONE!A little over 6 months ago, Scrapple suggested we consolidate all of our lists and notes and make one definitive Farm To-Do List. We share it on Google Docs so it's always easy to access and edit (and share the edits when we're not in the same place at the same time). 

The to-do list can get a little overwhelming at times (from today through the end of February is 6 pages, each line being a task) and so we broke it down into month-by-month priorities to make the mountain of tasks a little more approachable. This has definitely worked, but as our moving date grows near and I get more and more excited, it has been increasingly difficult for me to focus on just one task and hammer it out. This is basically because all the things I need to do this month are ridiculously fun! 

Here's a quick overview of the biggies for January:

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