Happy Mother's Day!

To our Moms, Kelley and Renie,

Who taught us about patience, caring, and compassion,

who's unconditional love gave us the courage to be different and follow our own path,

(knowing they would always be behind us, every step of the way)

and who will soon be the most amazing Grandmothers (!) to our baby, We love you!

Happy Mother's Day! You mean the world to us.


Happy Mother's Day!

To our Moms, who's love and support has made us who we are and all the Mothers reading this - Thank you for being so amazing!

Here's a little Mother and "Kid" moment from this past week at the farm we thought we'd share with you for the occasion. At around 11am, after a morning of grazing, the goats all take a little rest to bask in the sun, nap, and chew cud. Sabine, The Buckling, and Springbok always lie right next to their Mom, Mayday. Sometimes, there's some snuggling going on. Springbok (a yearling) is in her teenager stage and wouldn't be caught dead getting a back rub from Mom, but Sabine is all for it!

Hope you all have a special day!