New Season, New Site, New Dorm Fridge... err Cheese Cave

Welcome to the new site! Yep, it's still us, just a revamped site. Now that the wedding is over I finally had a little time to give some love to the site. Scrapple did his best while I was planning the wedding, but I'm glad I had some time refine it a little. We wanted it to feel a little lighter and cleaner so I spent last week drawing chickens and laying out a new design - we hope you enjoy it!

And now for another unveiling, kicking the fall season off with a bang: Our new cheese cave! 
yes - we said "cheese cave"
OK - it may be a crappy dorm fridge from the 80’s, but look a little closer and you’ll see the next step in hatching Little Seed’s cheese dreams! I’ve been making fresh cheese at home (thanks for the inspiration Melody!) once or twice a week for the past month. We’ve gobbled up ricotta, mozzarella, buttermilk cheese, primosale, and now today skyr. We’re ready, and excited, to move on to aged cheese. It’s one step closer to making something that might actually resemble a product we’ll make and sell on the farm.
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