Milch Cows & Dairy Farming: An 1860's Book to be Remembered

Me and my little sister posing with cute smiles (surely in the middle of a battle!)
Among my favorite wedding presents was a book my sister gave us. The book is called Milch Cows and Dairy Farming, authored by Charles Flint and printed in 1860. Charles Flint dedicated the book to The Mass. State Board of Agriculture, the Mass. Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and the Various Agricultural Societeies of the United States, Whose Efforts Have Contributed So Largely to Improve the Dairy Stock of Our Country.
All in all it’s a well-maintained book, especially given the fact that it’s 150 years old! I love reading old books for the sage advice about how it was done in the old days. How things operated before a significant amount of outside inputs were required. Back when you would sit on a plank to press your cheese.
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