Oh, Paula...

I'm a Vermonter. Although I haven't spent my whole life there, it's how I identify myself. I love sugar on snow with pickles and say "water"  as if there was an o instead of an a. Before meeting Scrapple, I'd only been to the south for several weeks as a kid when my Dad lived in a suburb of Atlanta. There was also the time we drove down to my Grandpa's in Virginia to pick up my horse. My little brother and I were enthralled with the accent and just how different people and places could be just a day's drive away. We spent the whole ride home driving my parents crazy by trying to imitate it and hanging signs out the window, "Yankees RAT here!".  

Imagine how entertained I was when about a year ago I first encountered the mega-phenomena that is Paula Deen. I don't watch a lot of TV and had never heard of her, but my Gram had given me a recipe binder full of blank pages to fill up and Paula was on the cover. She had quaint little quotes sprinkled throughout the pages and seemed like an interesting character. I started using the binder for my recipes and still do even after coming home one night to find that in a moment of deviousness, Scrapple had drawn horns on Paula and blacked out some of her teeth with a sharpie (foreshadowing!). When I looked her up and the first thing I found was a recipe for deep fried mac and cheese, I first thought "well, that's refreshing".

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