Photo Hunt Contest Extended

Well, I guess it was a little more difficult than I expected. The guesses have been close, but we definitely haven't had three correct ones yet. So here's what we're doing:

1.) Extending the contest for another day or two

2.) I've uploaded a larger picture to our site, which you can find here: BIG Photo Hunt Photo

Submit your answers on the original post here

For everyone that already submitted, you still have hope! If we don't get enough right answers we'll throw all your names in a random generator and pick a couple lucky winners. Or you could pass the contest along to friends and split the spoils. Good luck!

Farm Photo Hunt & Holiday Surprise Giveaway!

In college I always looked forward to playing Photo Hunt at the local bar down the street. You know the one I'm talkin' about! Anyway, I don't get to play that too often these days. However, waking up on the farm Sunday morning I had to do a double-take when the sun finally rose and I could see the yard. Giant leaves were moving around on the ground, like a bunch a worms crawling all over the place. Then I realized it was the birds! Seemingly hundreds of them lined the driveway eating the fallen berries from the ornamental pear trees. The vast majority were robins, but plenty of cardinals and blue jays were sprinkled in between. 

Taking a look at the pictures brought me back to the old days of Photo Hunt. Just how many birds were in those pictures??

Well, let's see if you can find them all. The first three to get it right will win a holiday surprise gift-box. One guess per person. Family & friends, go ahead and guess, but you're getting this stuff anyway, so you don't count!

I will post a photo with the answer tomorrow and contact the winners.

Photo after the jump. Go! 

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