Unsolicited Farm Drop-Ins

Don't mind me, just taking a stroll through your farm

One of our blog-friends, Meg Paska, over at Brooklyn Homesteader recently opined on an interesting topic. It's something I had been meaning to post about, but kept forgetting. The topic is Unsolicited Farm Drop-Ins. People that stop by the farm randomly without forewarning. Meg's post basically said, "Stop. Call or text us first and make sure your visit is timely for us. Farmers are busy people and you can't just come up here and interrupt our day (or show yourself around the farm if we're not here)."

To be sure, we don't have near the foot-traffic that Meg does on her farm. One reason is that we don't know a whole lot of people out here and we're not close enough to a city for any of our city-friends to make a quick trip out. In addition, Meg has a budding CSA business, popular farm classes, and other things to bring customers out to the farm. We're not quite there yet.

However, we too get random farm drop-ins on occasion. And when we first moved out here I felt the same as Meg. However, over time I developed a different stance... and here's why: 

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