Our little baby kiko goat
Scrapple was wrapping up the typical chores on Tuesday night. Just finished moving the cows to a new paddock. Brought water out to everyone. Gave the pigs some whey that was left over from the day’s cheesemaking. Just as he was stepping into the truck to head back for dinner, the phone started buzzing. It was our neighbor and it was almost 8pm, kind of strange. When he picked up the phone all he could hear was goat baaa’ing in the background. “uh oh”,he thought, “wonder what’s going on over there”?
Turns out he had a doe (or ‘nanny’ as everyone but us calls them) that had a buckling and a doeling on Sunday but didn’t seem to be letting the little doeling nurse anymore. He found her curled up in the field, no longer following along with momma, as it had been in the days prior. Since he raises meat goats (not dairy) and he has a very hands-off approach we get the sense that he didn’t have many options for raising this little girl. But since we have dairy goats and a plentiful supply of milk he called us. We decided to give her a shot.
About 10 minutes after getting off the phone we had a new baby goat. A three day old baby goat. A three day old baby goat that was clinging to life, couldn't stand up, and had an eye infection.
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