New Farmstead Goodies & A Sneak Peek

We're very excited to share some new farmstead goodies being released in our Shop today!

After our first release and a successful holiday season with our original Farmstead Milk Soap collection of Milk, Oat, and Lavender, we decided to expand our horizons with 4 new soaps for Valentine's day. We thought it could be the perfect time to play around with some fun ideas we'd be having (like local beer in soap), so for a few months we locked ourselves in the "soap cave". We experimented and tested (on ourselves and friends - no animal testing here!) until we emerged with these four new soaps that we love and that will hopefully make some people smile this Valentine's day. You can read more about our Activated Charcoal, Clay & Kefir, Cocoa Stout, and Rose bars here!

For sometime we've been getting lots of requests for a lip balm, but wanted to wait until we had something really special. We had starting making our own salves this past summer and have enjoyed using them on sore muscles and scrapes this fall and winter. Eureka! Why not make a lip salve? We started infusing different oils and nut butters with the calendula and comfrey we had grown in our gardens (following organic practices). Both are known for their extraordinary abilities to soothe and heal and have proven to be the perfect match for the blend certified organic oils and butters we use to craft the salve. They're available in Naturally (unscented), Geranium Rose, Lavender, and Wildwood. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Finally, we wanted to leave you with a sneak preview of the final piece of the new release - His and Hers Valentine Gift sets featuring the new Farmstead Milk Soaps, Herbal Lip Salves, and new note cards made from my sketches. We're a tad delayed on getting it in the shop (printing issues - ugh), but they should be available early next week if not sooner. Here's a little peek at one of the sets:

Thank you all so much for your support!


The Wedding Present/Future

My wedding present from Scrapple - a farm board for our future home! He worked with a great artist on Etsy to make a custom farm "skyline" cutout black board for me. For now I can dream up our future farm in chalk and someday we'll use it to leave notes for eachother and welcome guests. For now, it's hanging right over our dresser. It's the first thing we see when we wake up in the morning and a welcome first thought to the start of another day in the city, a cheerful reminder that we are on our way to a future of our own design. I love it! 

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Into the Void

wheel-farmhouse-cheddar-cheese-cheese-landscapeCheesescape by Sweetbreads

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with my boss. In one of those chilling moments you might have played out in your head when someone mentioned a “double dip”, he told me that “x brand” I direct is downsizing and can’t afford to have me anymore. Then a huge grin broke out on his face as he told me not to worry because, guess what?! There was a new job all lined up for me. The company that owns the small young designer label I direct(ed) also owns a massive Target-like brand that was just launched in Australia. The same senior director position there was open for me to take - take or be out of a job. 

From an ethical and environmental perspective, joining this company would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. From a personal sanity point of view, it would have meant going from a scrappy, creative, studio where I create a collection with a pencil, fabric, my team and a master patternmaker, to massive 3 floor offices where “hands on” means tearing pages out of magazines (of things to rip off) and shopping (for things to rip off). But - it would have been a job. Had we not embarked upon this journey, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have taken it for a few months while I searched for something more in line with my skill set, gulping down half a bottle of wine every night and trying hard not to verbally vomit my stress all over Scrapple. I’ve been there before and although it isn’t pretty, it’s life.  

But I didn’t. After a talk with Scrapple, I quit.

I quit!

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