2011 - Remembering an Epic Year

If there's one thing I'll definitely remember about 2011 it's the over-use of the word "epic". It drives me crazy.
Ok, that's not completely true, 2011 was full of many wonderful memories and significant events. So much so that I want to recap some of it.



This time a year ago we were stranded in D.C. due to Snowpocalypse 2010 (Click for Photos). I was just finishing the book “The One Straw Revolution” and Sweetbreads was knitting me an alpaca wool cap (which she has since commandeered). Luckily, we have family in D.C. and were graciously hosted by Sweetbreads' Aunt and Uncle, along with their boisterous chocolate lab. At the time we were starting to formulate our plans for the future and over the course of 2011 it would all start to come together.
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