Egg Mobile for the Guineas - a.k.a The Guinea Mobile

Towing the Guinea Mobile out to pasture. It dual purposes as a shelter and shade shack for goats and guard dogs

Most of our readers are probably familiar with egg mobiles. Egg mobiles are the glorified apparatuses used by famed alternative farmer Joel Salatin and many other small-scale farmers. The idea is simple: A mobile chicken coop that is moved around with ruminant animals (typically cows) in order to clean up the pasture (dig through cow patties) and provide a free-range habitat for chickens to express their chicken-ness (eat lots of bugs and bathe in the dirt). 

We love the idea of egg mobiles. Birds out on pasture living a natural life, not crammed three to a cage, forced to produce eggs under artificial light. Egg mobiles fit with our vision for Little Seed and one day we may actually have a real egg mobile. For now though, we have a Guinea Mobile. 


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