Grandkids Horrified by Antiquated Views

I read a couple recent articles about Jackie O’s grandkids being “horrified” by revelations that their grandmother got "all her opinions from her husband”, JFK, or that “women are too emotional for politics”. At that point in time (the 1960's) her statements wouldn’t have been nearly as controversial as they are today; it was simply a world very far removed from today’s reality. So it’s interesting to think about Jackie O’s grandkids’ reactions and how so much can change in just a couple generations.

So my question is, what will "horrify" our grandkids about our generation? Maybe our excessive use and reliance on fossil fuel? Maybe our entrapment of livestock and force-feeding of genetically modified substances in inhumane environments? Maybe our extreme reliance on antibiotics just to keep those same animals alive?

Or maybe it will be Wall St, consumerism, and the ridiculous financial situation that the world has gotten itself into. I tend to think that we’ll move past this moment in time where the global financial situation appears so dire, but who knows, it could all unravel very easily. Part of the reason why I think we’ll get past it is because I read a lot of old texts. Not just old farming texts (although that’s been my bent lately). Old finance texts too (boring!). They’re actually really interesting. Turns out that back in the day (early 1900’s, 1950’s, etc) there were widespread beliefs that debt levels and consumer spending were unsustainable and that the U.S. would tailspin back to how things were “before we got into this mess”. Well, that didn’t happen! Maybe the unraveling just takes more time than we expect, or maybe capitalism is just more resilient than anyone appreciates. Either way, I hope the U.S. reins in the spending, pays down debt and becomes accustomed to slower growth, but we're not betting on it.

We're betting on starting a farm, growing our own food, growing food for our community, and building a sustainable life that is as far removed from depending on consumer excess as possible. We’re doing it because we believe it’s the right thing to do, whether the world unravels or not.

I wonder if my grandkids will be horrified...?