Keyword Searches: The Joy of Google Analytics

One of the fun things about having a blog is checking out the "analytics". The analytics are the details behind the visitors to the site. We use a free service provided by Google called "Google Analytics". At first I was kind of obsessed with the analytics, now it's just good entertainment. You can find out where visitors are coming from, what posts are most popular, how long visitors stay on the site, and all kinds of other interesting stuff. Perhaps the most fun, for me at least, is the Keyword Search. 

The Keyword Search tells you what people type into Google before they get to your site. About 20% of the time our visitors type "Little Seed Farm". However, the remaining searches are pretty unique. Here's some of my favorites:

"nature includes us. it is not a place into which we reach" Haha. Agreed! Maybe that's a quote or something? No idea how we ended up on that search results page!

"liver eating sally fallon" Hey, no name-calling on our site.

"you brought the first water buffalo to america" Nope, but would've been pretty sweet if we did!

Sentence fragments are highly enjoyable:

"how offal meal give to the farm animals" Huh?

"in which farm we get the post profit" ...pretty stumped on this one...

"facebook logo scary" Do we have a scary facebook logo? Sweetbreads thinks it's "cute", not scary.

And my favorite search of all:

"Why not just farm" Yeah, why not? Do it!