Sir Milks-A-Lot

This is an (un)artistic photo collage - I have not asked permission to use any of the images included in my creation...

It's time for some real sharing here. Although it's a little embarassing, I have to admit, this has been going on for months. It all started a few hours into my first online goat browsing/shopping experience. We're looking for goats with great dairy genetics and part of the process is educating myself on what a great dairy animal actually looks like. I started looking at show goats to get an idea of proper conformation. Most of these star goats are shown posed like the lovely ladies above and after staring at image after image of full on udder-in-the-face, I started to feel a little...well...pervy. Yes, pervy. Not exactly something you expect to feel as a girl looking at goats! As I tried to wrap my head around my weird voyeuristic feelings, the intro to a certain special song from middle school started playing in my head..."Oh. My. Gawd., Becky" It hit me:

So now I have a little problem. I can't look at lactating does without hearing Baby Got Back in my head! It doesn't help any when I happen to come across goats named "Flash Dancer" and the like (oh-waaaaay more often than you would think). It devolves into me making up (really really bad) caprine versions of the lyrics and laughing hysterically at myself for hours. In the height of my gigglefest I indulged even further and made the collage at the top of this post. I think poor Scrapple thinks I'm crazy.